Feetness1 Washes his Feet in the Shower

This is a nice video of feetness1 washing his feet in the shower, making sure the soles, toes, and tops of his feet are squeaky clean so they can be liked.   He states “This has nothing to do with being gay or not, I think several religious heads also give a foot bath to other men. Why don’t we do this to our best buddy?”  Well.. I know that Mary Magdalene washed Jesus had his feet and hands, but I’m not sure that Peter would have stepped in to do the job.  😉

Still, we can thank feetness1 for showing us how to do a great job at cleaning our feet, especially for those who appreciate licking a clean sole.

Hairy Feet in Flip Flops at the Grocery Store

Here’s one I shot during one of our warm winter days at the checkout lane shopping for groceries.  This dude caught my eye because he was super cute.  Then I looked down at his feet and he had the cutest, hairy toes and of course they look great in flips.  I didn’t want to make it too obvious that I was admiring his feet with my phone so I was only able to snag one shot.  Hope you like!

Hairy toes in flips at the grocery store

Hairy toes in flips at the grocery store